This No22 Little Wing titanium track frame and fork came my way in 2016, I had just left my longtime bike sponsor Cinelli and was looking for a new frame to rip around on. Wilis at Deluxe Cycles had a great realtionship with the dudes over at No22 and he arranged the sponsorship. It was a big deal for me, since it was my first outside of MASH bike sponsor and it was a big deal for No22 because they had never given a frame to an athlete before.
 Always being a fan of fresh build I held off building this frame for a few weeks so I could source some of the sickest parts.  A few *slightly pleading emails to San Marco  snagged me this totally 90’s Zoncolan saddle.
 The yellow leather of the saddle has defiantly taken a beating over the years but somehow the printed graphics have stayed glossy and fresh.  I think this is one of my all time favorite saddles.  My butt loves the Zoncolan shape and my sense of style really vibes on the 90’s yellow.
 Spicy Boiz stay spicy, and really there is nothing spicier than the smooth welds and subtle gloss graphics on this frame.
 Originally  the plan was to not sticker the frame up, to keep it clean with only MASH and OAKLEY decals.. But you gotta support the people that support and stoke you out!!  So gradually the frame got covered in a highly curated collection of stickers.  LANDLORDS GS … if you have to ask then I really can’t tell you…
 One of the things that really drew me to this frame-set was the combination of classic and cutting edge technology. The Chris King headset is bombproof and the tube sizes are big enough to stay modern but skinny enough to not look over built. This frame is stiff, not like full carbon stiff, but more like if steel and aluminum spent a wild week on a beach down south and then didn’t talk for 9 months stiff.
 Gotta stay hydrated, my only qualm with this frame was the lack of bottle cage mounts.  But No22 makes race frames and this was a track frame so why would you need a bottle on the track?  To be honest I don’t think this frame has ever been ridden on a proper velodrome…just the streets and crit courses.
 Love me a good Black Flag rip off.. Love this Copenhagen messenger company even more!  Started by JUMBO and now run by a solid group of friends BY EXPRESSEN is a home away from home in Europe.
 I’ve never really been a fan of headbadges, but this CNC cut piece of titanium is pretty rad as it is clean and mellow.  Also kudo’s to Wilis  for matching up the Chris King headset perfectly.
 One of the first things I received from ZIPP were a pair of the SL80 ergo road bars.. in carbon. And of course I promptly crashed them at the last Wolf Pack Hustle Long Beach Crit (and to it’s credit this frame came out of a gnarly pile up with not a dent). There is a rough spot where the bars ground down a bit on pavement, but some dental floss kept the bar tape in place and they’ve been solid for years since.
 The cheapest cloth tape you can buy,  wrap it very tight, shred on it, and keep going till eventually there is no bar tape left on the bars.  Should last about 2-7 years depending.
 I paired these 44mm wide bars with a -7˚ 120mm ZIPP Service Course stem,  the geometry on the No22 is built for criterium racing, so a little more head tube angle.  I liked the long and low cockpit as it kept me in a comfortable yet aggressive position.
 No22 had a custom fork made by ENVE for these track bikes, paired with the 73.5˚ headtube angle it handled consistently and quickly.  It took a while for me to get used to the slightly slack nature of the front end compared to the slightly more aggressive frames I had been riding.  Once I spent enough time on the No22 I grew to really enjoy how consistent the frame responded to rider input.
 Because COFFEE rules everything around me… and I may have a problem LOL
 The Trouble Coffee manifesto has been a mantra of sorts for my myself,  get your hands on one of these stickers and feel the vibes.  Samauri Messenger is a NYC courier company run by some of the hardest working courier I know.  This is mild flattery because they also let me come moonlight a couple of times a year.  COURIIER is TCB’s sister company in Paris France.    SHREDDERZ KREW
 To weld titanium you have to pump the frame full of inert gas, usually argon.. this along with the sometimes brittle yet incredibly strong nature of the metal makes it difficult to work with.  The team over at No22 has some of the smoothest titanium welds around.  I am constantly asked if this is an alloy frame because the welds are so smooth.
 MASHxSugino.. name a better combo..I’ll wait..
 These custom dropouts had to be large to accommodate the oversize seat tubes and chainstays.  While it does make it hard to use a 15mm axle, the wide fairings also protect your axle bolts/nuts when the bike goes down.    WOLVH
 ZIPP gave me the opportunity to utilize their Impress™ rim printing technology to create some custom 303 Firecrest™ rims.  I printed out the template in full size, drew on it and then sent it their way.  A few weeks later these speed weapons showed up.  It is crazy how they are able to print on the golf ball like speed dimples and still hold the details!
 Neo Gothic “brake” bridge
 I won this 44RN 47t chain ring back in 2012 at Stupor Bowl in MLPS.  This is one of the first production runs Aaron made of these rings…And 7 years later it is still rolling strong.  Maybe the black has worn off here and there but for a chainring to stand up to 7 years of shredding and still retain it’s tooth shape is mind blowing.
 I do consider myself a purist when it comes to track cranks but when I saw the Kierin association had bestowed the coveted NJS stamp on on the Sugino DD ( direct drive) SEALED BOTTOM BRACKET cranks I had to try them!  I was not disappointed (well except for the super soft 25mm chain ring bolts, those got swapped to normal NJS bolts real quick) these cranks are super stiff like all Sugino 75’s but there is almost no BB flex like you would have in a standard NJS BB.  Kind of rad to see old school style and new school technology work so well together.
 I call this the forever bike because I will have it forever.. It is one of the most consistent and smooth riding track bikes I own.  It is tough as nails, and has a classic style that is both posh and subtle at the same time.  I’m sure I’ll remove all the stickers someday.. and maybe even throw on some riser bars.  But no matter what changes this bike undergoes I’ll still be shredding it with grey hair.
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