I know that proper bike photo’s require the big ring.. but this bike almost never get’s there.. perpetual little ring cruising!
 The paint matched Wound Up carbon fork is pretty much the coolest addition to any custom build,  coming up I could never afford a Wound Up but all the coolest messenger bikes had them.  I love how the grease and dirt has slowly crept up the fork blades from years of riding
 The Cinelli Alter stem was one of the most iconic components to come out of the 90’s cycling scene. Non practical, a bitch to install and prone to failures from all the bolts that you could over tighten, these are the coolest non essential stem EVER (runner up to the CInelli Frog stem from the same era). I have the pin up girl top cap to go with the stem..but they tend to get stolen so it resides safely inside. The bike actually came with a 130mm Alter stem and it took me over a year to find the 110mm that I have on it now.    Also without the cap they Alter makes for a great pen holder..
 You have Campy cool.. and then you have Titanium Record 8 speed campy cool… . i have always thought that you don’t really need more than 8 gears, this along with the Dura-Ace flight deck 8spd group was the high water mark of brifters..(ATMO).  These have that classic campy “ergo” hood and the brakes have a notched “click” every time you pull the lever.  Great on the downshifts,  sloppy on the upshifts (always shift down, just go faster!) these are some of the most subtly bling on the bike.
 While they are no Delta’s these Campy Record Brakes are pretty flossy, and they “kinda” stop the bike..  The Mango 1 1/8 Chris King headset is on of the few non period correct parts on the bike.  While I think it would be cool to swap in a silver or pewter HS, it is too much work so the mango lives on.  The cable stop was the only thing broken when I got the bike, and once again I have always meant to fix it….but it still shifts just fine so….
 I like to use the cheapest cloth bar tape I can find,  wrap it as tight as I can, then let it be forever.  The patina from sweat, rain, dirt and life in general just gets better with time.. Eventually it becomes, to me at least, the most perfect bar wrap.  Not very grippy, no padding or comfort..but somehow it fits like a glove and soothes even the sorest of hands…. plus it looks v classy.
 LEGALIZE SPINACII!!!  if you are not familiar with the battle cry go  HERE  and read all about it.  I got these Spinaci’s directly from Cinelli for a trip years ago.. but they are not made for oversized bars, so they went into the collection.  A friend knowing my propensity for 44mm bars gave me these wide (for the time period) Cinelli ergo races bars years ago, once again i didn’t have a bike for them so into the collection they went.  Then this Croll rolled into my life and I found the perfect frame for my period correct 80’s aero race cockpit!!  Years of collecting, hours spent gently tightening old screws provided the coolest thing to hit the streets since Lemond’s 1989 TDF victory.    Also there was a time at TCB when you were required to have a rack.. and this barely served that purpose, but I can confirm that you can fit at least 1 fully loaded catering bag on this ”rack.”
 Classic 80’s gearing of 53/39 on this once pristine Campy Record crankset keeps this big perpetually in the little ring.  One of the few non period correct parts besides the Chris King HS these BMX pedals keep things chill…and also a little terrifying.  This is a classic “long and low” 90’s race frame, so the low BB height combined with the 172.5mm length cranks and super wide BMX pedals causes some serious pedal strike whence diving into turns..you can see it illustrated on the outer edge of the pedals.
 CROLL was a Minneapolis based custom bike builder,  I can only guess that this frame was built sometime in the late 90’s to be a criterium race bike.  All of these are assumptions, based on the geo and build.  But it is cool to know I am cruising around on an American built race frame!
 All the small parts on the frame are from local legend Tom Ritchey, so once again it is rad to be on a USA hand made frame, with local pieces!!!
 The proof is in the puddlng
 Another ultimate cool piece of equipment was the Selle Italia SLR saddle.. once again never had the money to get one when I was coming up, but for the Croll I dug deep into the collect to find the “cleanest” one I had.  The thinest of padding, totally lack of taint relieving cut out, and classic 165g of pure weigh saving combined to create the literal cherry on top.  The bike came with the classic Campy Aero setback seat-post, i swapped in a Thomson straight post to make it more comfortable,  this is the 3rd and last non period correct piece on the bike.
 The best and worst.. built in seat clamps sweat class and style…but one wrong turn of the wrench and your frame is toast.  So once this was set it was has not been touched in 4 years. I also think the MASH friendship bracelet imbibes some luck in keeping this little bolt solid.
 8 speeds, and one of the classiest rear derailleur to ever come out of Italy.  This has never been adjusted, a credit to Wilis at Deluxe who tuned the bike before it came my way.  Maybe in only has 8 speeds, but i think the  fact that it can shift for 4 years with only a splash of chain lube once in a while makes up for my lack of shifting options.  I love the splatter of dirt and oil on the fancy bladed spokes of the Shamals.
 I think the 4 years of collect grease and dirt on these Campy hubs will cause some people to seize up, but for me it is like the rings of a tree, illustrating years of growth and cruising.  Security skewers are huge part of this chill ride as I can lock it up anywhere with little worry.  I actually have no idea where the key for the skewers is…so here’s hoping these old Continental 4000s tyres hold up for years to come.
 It takes years of calculated neglect to create grease marks such as this.  Truly an ode to the craftsmanship and precision put into these hubs, they still spin as fast and true as the day i got them.
 Deep dish alloy race wheels where the coolest of cool in the 80’s and 90’s.  before 80mm deep disc brake carbon rims, the Campy Shamal / VENTO and Mavic Cosmic wheel-sets were raced by in pro pelotons around the world.  These at the time where the pinnacle of high speed technology , machine built with hidden spokes and high polish finishes.
 Even the 90’s graphic ‘s and front screen speed and the illusion of high tech.
 The little things such as the clippy jawn left over from a messenger shift years ago and the frame pump tab on the head tube continue to bring me stoke every time I hop on this bike.  Hopefully one I day i will slam that stem to complete the “aero advantage.”
 Hand built USA goodness combined with the finest Italy could produce in the mid 90’s !
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