This is a early Saturday morning chat with Husk & Marrow, a group art show hosted by Chelsea Nobbs and Deb Leal.  I have know Chelsea for years and we sat down to talk about life, art, and my new kitten Franklin.

I went to Genova Italy to race in the first SCVDO race.  It was a 58k mixed terrain alleycat with over 1K of climbing  !!  The only rule was brakeless trackbikes only!!  Racers came from all over Europe to shred in and around Genova.  I have never filmed a race before so this is new to me.  I held the camera in my hand to film and stuck it in my jersey pocket when I was shredding!!  We also went on a "chill " ride to Portofino the day after the race with a solid crew,  there is some of that in here as well.  Enjoy!