This was the last Cinelli frame that I road, and even after I left my relationship with the company I still road it all time as my beater bike.  It has not traveled as much as some bikes of mine, but it did take me to a 3rd place Monster Track win and put in countless days of messenger work on the road both in SF and NYC.
 After I left Cinelli it seemed like a good idea to cover up some of the logo’s.. I don’t really know why now, but Mike always has a bunch of die-cut stickers laying around the shop so I went to town.
 One of my all time favorite things about this bike is the MESSFITS sticker on the fork.  At the first RHC in London I was kicking it with my dude Barry Mancini and he was very stoked on my new cover band.  He wanted to make some stickers so I sent him the file and kind of forgot about it.  Till 2 years later Dylan Buffington gave me an envelope from Barry.. containing a ton fo sick die-cut MESSFITS stickers.  Truly a man of style and his word Barry came through.  I think the sticker kills it as a fork decal!
 Not super big on having my bikes personalized but this rad top cap from Nightrider clothing definitely made the cut.
 This Cadence X Ritchey Stem has some rad art by Dustin on it, but the little “KEEP GOING” always stoked me out,  the little reminders to keep on pushing are my jam!
 Once again another San Marco Zoncolan.. but this was the very first one.  The first saddle I ever got from San Marco as a sponsored rider.  It has been around the world countless times, on too many builds to count.  It is beat up and nasty, and to be honest kind of uncomfortable…but I’ll probably keep it forever!
 49 tooth ring up front, a little heavier than I normally like but that’s what came on the cranks and the dinner plate style spider on these cranks look weird with normal chainrings.
 MASH briefly worked with the company Rinpoch to develop some track cranks.  While the project never really took off the team got sample pairs to test.  You had to find some crazy combination of spacers to get the cranks to fit correctly..but the little custom MASH flare is sick!
 TCB - frame number 3, hand ecthed by Garret Chow
 Lots of people have the one bike part they swear by and will defend at all costs, for me that is TIME ATAC MTB pedals.  For no other reason then all the rippers in Portland when I was coming up road TIME ATACs on their brakeless track bikes.  All the cool 90’s color ways replacing cleats all the time because the bottoms were blown out of their vintage Sidi’s.  I prefer the slightly newer ATaC with the flattened and notched spring bar and the adjustable tension, cranked all the way up to keep you in the pedals as you rip around.
 Phil Wood hubs have always been the toughest of the tough track hubs for street riding ATMO. Definitely not the lightest, but they will last you forever and then some. Phil made a limited run of MASH 10 yr anniversary hubs custom anodized in a dark grey with red shield logo. Fixed Fixed 32 hole shredding, everyone on the team got a pair and they obviously went on the 10 year builds.    14t for the speed 17t for the shred
 I hit up the amazing people at ZIPP about getting these slick nw hubs laced up and their only question was 32 HOLE WHY!?!?  Turns out our archaic idea’s about rim strength belonged in the 90’s.  Most performance rims are 28 hole or less, the improvements in metal and manufacturing technology have made 32 hole rims kind of obsolete.   BUT that wouldn’t stop the rad people over at ZIPP from stoking me out with a sick new wheel set.
 The fine folks at ZIPP custom drilled a set of their super light 202 climbing rims to fit these 32 hole phil hubs.  It was very weird for them to take some of the heaviest track hub on the market and lace them to one of their lightest rims, but they did it!  And these wheels have seen it all, criteriums, alleycats, trackcx, TONS of work days they have stayed true and strong.  Even with some cracks in the carbon and few rather large holes I have never had an issue with these wheels.  Will never sell them, partially because of all the holes and cracks but also because they are bomb proof!
 Lots and lots of lock ups.. evident by the patina around the head tube.  Still a big fan of this original mash logo designed by Benny Gold.
 These oils slick bar ends were some of the first custom bar ends MASH made and I think they fit on pretty much any bike. Also seriously get some bar ends.. core samples are so gnar.  As always, black cloth tape, well worn into a comfortable if not a bit ragged grip.
 This is the loaner bike for homies in and out of town,  I don’t ride it  a ton but it gets used  enough to keep it build and ready to roll.
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